Phase #1 Phase #2 Phase #3 Phase #4

      • Product Customization Consumers log in through information terminals such as mobile devices (Solid Shop), they can automatically select the style, process and raw materials of the products online, and placing orders after the payment is made online, so that products can be customized. The product customized, trading, payment, design, production process, logistics and distribution, after sales-service, all the process will based on data driven and network operation.
      • Reduce the Inventory The factory only start produce after the customers placing orders, there is no capital and backlog of goods and the operation is simple, we can achieve "On-demand production, zero inventory". In this way we can maximize the profit and sharing to the consumers, and consumers no longer need to bear the corporate costs.
      • Traceability During the production process, every customization product has its own electronic chip, and accompanied by the production of the whole process. Each process has a dedicate terminal equipment that can read and download the order information from the electronic chip. Through the data modeling, consumers can trace the entire production process of the product to prevent product fraud.
      • Asset Securitization Packaging the enterprise value supply chain into digital asset packages through Block Chain technology. Make the investors participate in the invest and they can get the long-term profit from the enterprise, it will be the main-stream of invest in the future.
      • Resource Integration Reduce human, financial and material resources to achieve better allocation of resource value through the Block Chain technology
      • Resource Sharing Product value sharing (original): Publish original products on the ALLCHAIN platform for crowd funding, and original creators can get a certain percentage of their sales.Talent value sharing (creation): People can have part time job on the ALLCHAIN platform, they can get extra money, and we can achieve the maximum value of human resource.Resource value sharing (distribution): With the expansion of time and increase of users, AllCHAIN will realize the integration of idle resources in society and link the value of all process through the Block Chain and the IOT to realize the greatest value. The society will move from the information internet to the era of value Internet.
      • The Vision of ALLCHAINALLCHAIN is based on the product and user’s actual demand. The private chain of clothing is gradually transition to the union chain of business industry, and then extended from the union chain to the public chain. All the changes talked above are a process of continuous accumulation of users and applications, it is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change. At this point all the enterprises can link commercial applications based on the commercial public chain that developed by AllCHAIN. By then, the Block Chain will be popularized to individuals and we can’t live without the Block Chain network.
      • The Value of AIA Only when we have enough participation, the chain of ecology will have real value. AllCHAIN will focus on the real demand of users to develop the hardware and software facilities. So that the Block Chain can offer the services to the community and the individual, making society enter into a real value of the Internet era, AIA TOKEN can make better circulation between users and enterprise. High circulation can produce high value.

      • 2016.5Market research and industry research
      • 2017.5ALLCHAIN set up a team,project approval
      • 2017.8ALLCHAIN project starts
      • 2017.11ALLCHAIN TOKEN
        Global pre-sale
      • 2017.12ALLCHAIN TOKEN ICO
      • 2018.3ALLCHAIN TOKEN on-line exchange
      • 2018.8ALLCHAIN product on-line test
      • 2019.1ALLCHAIN small scale application
  • The distribution of ALLCHAIN Token(AIA)

    The use direction of ALLCHAIN Token (AIA)

  • Total Supplies:1 billion Token:AIA
    5% Pre-sale (54 million AIA)
    35% ICO(346 million AIA)
    30% Group owns ( Five years, the token will be lifted 20% every year.)
    30% Locked by smart contract (The token will be lifted depend on the process of project and then the next round)
    All the token that hasn’t been purchased will be retained and locked in the smart contract.

    ALLCHAIN AIA ICO starts at 08:00 pm, December 26(GMT)

    The first stage:1ETH=10000AIA     
    (December 26- January 02)

    The second stage:1ETH=9000AIA
    (January 02- January 09)

    The third stage:1ETH=8100AIA    
    (January 09-January 17)

    The fourth stage:1ETH=7300AIA  
    (January 17- January 24)

    The use direction of ALLCHAIN Token (AIA)
    ID Use Direction Remark Share
    1 Research and Development Block Chain technology and IOT technology 20%
    2 Equipment Investment The equipment of IOT and intelligent factories 35%
    3 Business Applications To promote the application of city shops 20%
    4 Business Promotion Marketing channel of construction 10%
    5 Daily Expenses Daily operating costs of company 10%
    6 Disclosure of Project Financial and information statements 5%

        • Markus LehmannFounder&CEO
        • As a serial entrepreneur , he has more than 15 years of experience working for Internet and traditional industry. From working in traditional manufacturing industry to Internet technology industry and Internet model. He begin to realized that our future life will depend on the Internet technology and technology model. Everything will be connected to the Internet, He is committed to build the technology financial integration enterprise.
        • Michael SchwarzCofounder&CFO
        • More than 10 years of experience in accounting firms, ACCA British chartered accountant, has many years of experience in auditing, investment and financing and industry resources.
        • Leon FrankCofounder&CIO
        • Senior architect, block chain technology expert. Years of technology development experience in supply chain, intelligent production, intelligent factory and so on. Has hosted the intelligent contract, object traceability system and the block chain system development project based on the Ethernet square platform. In the encryption algorithm, P2P network communication, distributed trust mechanism, consensus algorithm and other technologies have a very deep research.
        • Elliot GingellCofounder&COO
        • More than 16 years of rich experience in Internet product operation, product management, team management and business partner management.
        • Jonas MartinArchitect
        • 10 years of experience in software development, ALLCHAIN chief architect. Engaged in technical analysis, architecture design, technology integration and system optimization development work. Proficient in C + +, C, Golang, Python, Javascript and Solidity.
        • Massimo LudwigIOT leader
        • More than 12 years of experience in the Internet of things. He has the ability of embedded hardware design and embedded system development. Specialized in the Internet of things system integration direction, sensing and detection technology, RFID technology, wireless networking, embedded technology, computer networks, communication technology, networking system integration. Responsible for the design and development of intelligent hardware and networking system in ALLCHAIN.
        • Niclas SommerBrand leader
        • 15 years of manufacturing brand industry experience, worked in Hugo Boss, ESCADA, good at organizing business planning, brand promotion and operation related work, has a deeper brand industry experience and resources. Responsible for the work of ALLCHAIN intelligent factory
        • Rod Malonesoftware engineer
        • With 8 years of programming experience and project management experience, have developed  mobile phone APP, CAS systems, CMR and other systems. From 2014 began to pay attention to bitcoin and block chain technology, engaged in block chain development and related application development.
        • MarvinHead of the Asia Pacific Region
        • From 2008 to 2016, he worked in SamSung China, and has rich experience in channel, sales and project management. Responsible for recruitment of sales and project teams and channel partners. He provided a lot of experience for ALLCHAIN to provide business scenarios, build business partners and build channels.
        • Ashley MolbeckHead of North America
        • 8 years of sales and marketing experience in multinational companies, and has served as senior management and sales director in H&M. Now serves as director of ALLCHAIN marketing and public relations.
        • Join ussupport@aiabtc.com
        • We recruit talents from the whole world, please send the official mail to us if you are interested, we will have the Commissioner contact you.


        • Tony JacquesInvestment consultant
        • 20 years' experience in investment banking. Had working experience in the Bell Sten company and JP Morgan. Involved in a large number of investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions project.
        • Ajamil De LyonInternational financial advisor
        • 10 years of international financial advisers in multinational enterprises. The scope of consultation has 11 kinds, many types of financial services including securities transactions, such as NASDAQ (Secondary Market), IPO, rolling futures / CFDs, precious metals and currency, such as the London bullion market.
        • Sam MilesBusiness Consultant
        • More than 20 years experience in manufacturing industry. An active advocate of industry 4.0 Members of the German IHK chamber of Commerce, members of the German engineers association, VDI members of the German environment and Conservation Union BUND.